Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Moderator Moderates

I’ve been quiet lately. Mostly that’s because I haven’t had much to say that I thought would be of value.

Volume growth on TRE has been sluggish.

Buy-side liquidity growth has not been.

I’ve been commenting since last September on the erosion in average yields. That trend accelerated into year end.

I’ve also commented on the increasing percentage of auctions being sold at buy-out pricing and at the speed of auction closings. Those trends also accelerated into year-end.

One has to ask if we truly have an “auction” market if the principal competitive issue seems to be who can hit the “Buy-out” button most quickly.

But there’s no mystery here.

The supply of Buyer money has increased more quickly than the supply of Seller auctions.

The cause of that can be debated. It’s clear that TRE is well aware of the issue. It’s clear, to me in any case, that TRE is taking steps to address the issue.

Time will tell if those steps are adequate to resolve the problem.

It’s also clear, though, that the situation is causing concern and consternation among the Buyers. My guess is that the earlier Buyers will be the most affected, having seen dramatic changes in both the pricing and the dynamic of auction activity.

Which brings me to the real point of this post.

As owner and moderator of this blog I have the option to screen responses to my posts before allowing them to become public and a part of the permanent record of the discussion.

I’ve gotten a few responses recently from anonymous readers that reflect frustration with the changed character of the auction dynamic.

I have no issue with the expression of such frustration: I share it.

But comments have been made and opinions offered that I am not willing to allow to be posted here without the writer identifying him or herself.

It’s not for me to provide a forum for anonymous TRE-bashing.

So here’s the deal.

I’m not going to allow egregious bashing to be posted—full stop.

I have no problem with reasonably-supported and civilly-voiced opinion, whether that’s positive or negative.

I have no problem with criticism, suggestion for improvement, the pointing out of weaknesses, etc.

But as moderator I reserve the right to set a price for a seat at the table. And that price, at my option, can be the waiver of anonymity.

I have no problem with anonymous responses, per se.

But if you want to “sound off” you’ve got to be willing to identify yourself.

We’re all professionals here and ought to be willing to own the opinions we voice.

So if you’ve sent in a reply to one of my posts recently and you don’t see it on the blog, I invite you to write or call me to discuss the reason why I haven’t allowed your reply to be posted.

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