Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Credit Where It's Due

This morning's announcement that NYSE Euronext has taken an equity position in TRE and is partnering with TRE to offer the TRE Corporate Receivables Program to NYSE-listed companies is a significant vote of confidence in the concept, the technology and the management of TRE.

This development is unambiguously good for all participants in the TRE enterprise including those of us who are Buyers and Sellers, regardless of whether we participate in the Corporate Receivables Program or not.

The benefits to those whose involvement is limited to the SMB market are, I think, pretty obvious and will, I suspect, become clear over time.

Those who were not yet convinced that TRE had proven itself as a going concern should take comfort in today's announcement.

In my first post on this blog I noted that just as "all beginnings are hard", so too the road toward success for TRE would be bumpy and difficult: mistakes would be made and changes in direction would be required.

It is clearly to the credit of TRE and its management that regardless of the difficulties faced and the course corrections required, the focus on moving forward, on facing up to problems, on seeking solutions and on pursuing opportunities has been maintained.

Today's announcement is a big thing for TRE and credit is due to its founders, its management, and to all who have been a part of sustaining it to this day.

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